Aid Stations

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Aid Stations

50 km

  1. Aid #1 — mile 5.0
  2. Aid #2 — mile 12.3
  3. Aid #3 — mile 17.3 (drop bags are hauled to this aid station by the volunteers.  Please label with your name and bib number and drop off at the Red Barn)
  4. Aid #4 — mile 24.4
  5. Aid #5 — mile 29.4 (only water, Tailwind, Coke, Gingerale and VFuel Gels at this aid station)

12 mi

  1. Aid #1 — mile 5.0
  2. Aid #2 — mile 9.5 (only water, Tailwind, Coke, Gingerale and VFuel Gels at this aid station)

7 mi

  1. Aid #1 — mile 5.0

Course Support

  • Aid Stations are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, friendly volunteers whom all go way out of their way to assure you have an fun, successful race.
  • RFID chip timing mats will be located at Aid 1, 2, 3, & 4. There will be ham radio operators recording your in and out of Aid 5 and Windy Peak. You must cross these mats and be checked to Aid 5 and Windy Peak to receive an official time.
  • In 2018 race director, Megan Finnesy will be working with our nutrition partner, Dina Griffin and training coach, Adam St. Pierre to tailor the food at the aid stations to assure your success.  We will also be training the aid station volunteers so they can help you make wise food decisions.  This is an additional effort to help everyone reach the 100% finish rate goal.  Specific items will be posted soon.
  • Vaseline, sunscreen, and basic first aid kits at each aid station
  • This is a cupless race; we will not provide cups at the aid stations. Runners are required to carry their own hydration system!
  • Please thank the volunteers; the Golden Gate Dirty 30 would be impossible without their help!
  • There will be fun entertaining course marshals at approximately 22 of the 69 junctions on this course!
  • Sorry no salt tablets will be provided.  You must bring your own.