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Can I park on Crawford Gulch Road instead of carpooling?

NO! Racers and spectators will not be allow to drive down Crawford Gulch Rd unless you are one of the 1st 80 cars with 3, 50K racers on board. Everyone else will be directed to the Gilpin County Fairgrounds Parking Lot to catch the shuttle bus. Trust me. This is an excellent alternative to very limited parking.

Can I transfer to a different race distance?

You can transfer as long as there is a spot available to transfer to.  If the race is full you will be placed on the wait list until a spot opens.  If you are transferring from the 12 mile to the 50K you will need to pay the difference in the race entry fee.  If you are transferring from the 50K to the 12 mile refunds will not be granted.

Can my friends or family come spectate?

Absolutely!  There are several places on the course for friends and family to drive to, to see you on the course.  Aid 2, mile 12 ish of the race, is the obvious great spot as it is at a picnic site on Mountain Base Rd.  This is a about a 10 min. drive from the visitor center. Runners will be going through this aid station from 8:40 to 11:30am.  Aid 3 is a couple minutes north of the Visitor Center on Crawford Gulch Rd at the horseshoe trailhead  Spectators will need to take the shuttle bus to go to Aid 3.  See Shuttle Bus  Info for details.   Runners are at this aid station from 9:20am to 1:00 pm.   Aid ¼ is a mile hike into from Rifleman Philips Camp Ground Trail Head and about 1.5 mile hike backwards on the course trail up lion trail.  50K Runners will be here from 7:45 to 8:50am and will be back here from 9:45 to 1:30pm.  12 mile racers will be here from 10:24 to 3:00 pm.   If your friends and family are planning on coming maybe they would like to volunteer as a course marshal or at the finish line helping with timing . . . They can sign up to volunteer on the website.

Can I be dropped off and picked up at the finish line, Red Barn, Nott Creek Trailhead (all same area) after I am finished racing?

You will not be allowed to be dropped off at the start.  You can be dropped off at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds to catch the shuttle bus to the start. There is no room for cars to park at the start to pick you up. Please do not send your friends and family to pick you up at the start.

Can I camp at the Red Barn the night before the race?

No.  Sorry no camping at Red Barn.  Please see the Where to Stay Page for places to camp.

Are there other places to camp at the park?

Reverand’s Ridge Camp Ground is about 35 min. from the start by driving.  It is near mile 11 of the 50K race off of Gap Rd.  There are group sites at Aspen Camp Ground as well.

I am a sponsored competitive runner, do you offer comp entries?

Comp entries are a benefit of the Ultimate Direction Golden Gate Dirty 30 sponsor package.  Elite ultra racers are invited on an individual basis.  If you are interested email the race director.

I can’t race this year, can I give my entry to my friend or family member?

Race entries are non-transferable.  If you give your entry to your friend and they get hurt or an emergency happens we need to have emergency info for them.  There are a lot of logistics that go into making sure every racer is accounted for, safe and can be taken care of if something goes wrong.  If we don’t know who is on the course there is no way to manage this safety requirement.  Also, with a wait list there are racers waiting in line to get into the race.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Should I bring money?

Yes!  Treat yourself to a massage. 1$/minute.  There will be lots of great deals by our sponsors at the EXPO.

I am new to trail running.  Do you recommend this race for a new trail runner?

I encourage you to go for the challenge.  This is not the easiest trail race course out there, and I am sure it is not the hardest either.  This course will challenge you, it will help you define new limits for yourself and show you what else is possible. I say, "GO FOR IT!" Get out of your comfort zone. This is where livin' starts! I say go for it!  Those who finish the Ultimate Direction Golden Gate Dirty 30 as their first ultra race will be awarded the SISU Award.

Is there some place I can put my belongings at the race start?

Yes. Please pack a finish line drop bag that has a change of clothes, rain jacket, hat, flip flops, warm clothes, your plate and silverware and cup.  We will have these ready for you when you arrive at the post race party.  Mark them clearly with your name and race number.

Do I have to bring my own plate and silverware to eat the post-race meal?

Please help us to eliminate excessive trash and save money.  There will be some paper plates for those who forgot to bring theirs, but don’t risk standing out amongst your fellow racers by being the only one with a paper plate.

Can my friends and family ride the shuttle bus with me?

Yes but Please let racers on the bus first, then if there is room non-racers may ride.  Non-racers can wait for the next bus.

Will my friends and family be able to eat at the Post-Race Meal?

Yes.  They may buy a lunch ticket for $10.  It includes a beer, a burger, or a brat or a veggie burger with all the fixins, rice chips, pasta salad, and ice cream.

Still have an unanswered question? Contact the Race Director.