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Shuttle Bus

Who Rides the Shuttle Bus?
1. Approximately 175 of the 400 50K racers. The first 75 cars carrying at least Three (3), 50K racers will be permitted to park at the race start/finish area (Nott Creek Trail head). The remainder 50K racers will be directed to Gilpin County Fairgrounds Parking Lot and will be shuttled to the start.
2. All 12 mile racers
3. All spectators who are not in a car with at least 3, 50K racers. No exceptions.  Sorry

What time should I plan on arriving at the Golden Gate Canyon State Park Visitor Center so I can be directed to either the start or to the Fairgrounds Parking lot?
No later than 5:20am AND No earlier than 4:50 am

How much time should I allow to get from Hwy 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Rd (Hwy 46) in Golden at the base of the Canyon to the Visitor Center?
It is 13 windy, mountain road miles. Plan for 30 minutes. Plan ahead. Allow yourself time. Lets all arrive safely.

Where do I catch the shuttle bus?
1. Racers and spectators will be directed to the Gilpin County Fairgrounds Parking Lot. Drive 4 miles west of the visitor center on Hwy 46. Turn south (left) on Norton Drive. Parking lot will be on your right.
2. Racers will not be picked up at the Visitor Center by the bus. If you are wanting to be dropped off you must be dropped off at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds parking lot to catch the bus.  
3. For return trip to your car, racers will catch the bus at the Nott Creek Rd park sign where you were dropped off.  Buses will run regularly all day for spectators and racers. shuttle bus schedule 2017

My family and or friends want to come watch me on the course and see me finish. Can they drive to the start/finish area?
No spectators, family or friends will be allowed to park at the start/finish area including anywhere along Crawford Gulch Rd.  All spectators will be directed to the shuttle parking lot to catch the shuttle bus. Please understand that any deviations from this rule will jeopardize the permits for this event.

Can I be dropped off at the Start/Finish Area?
Yes. You may be dropped off at the start / finish. No time or room to to linger. You will have just a couple minutes to hop out of the car and grab your bags. So plan accordingly. There is no cell phone service in this and most areas of the park, so you will not be able to rely on calling for a ride when you are ready. Cars will not be permitted to Red Barn, so getting picked up is not an option. You will need to plan to take the shuttle bus back to the shuttle parking lot.

How much time should I allow for the shuttle bus ride to the start.
It takes 10 minutes to load the bus and 15 min bus drive to the start. All racers must arrive at the shuttle parking lot by 5:30 a.m.. Each bus needs to be filled or there will be runners that will not make it to the start on time. There is room for 55-60 people on each bus. If you miss a bus you will miss your start. Please plan to be early. Spectators may board after all runners are boarded. No dogs and no strollers on the bus.  Dogs are not allow at this event.

Can I or may family park on Crawford Gulch Rd just south of the start / finish area?
NO. No participants or spectators will be allowed to park on Crawford Gulch Rd. You will be directed by parking marshals at the visitor center on hwy 46 and Crawford Gulch Rd. to the shuttle parking area.  Please follow this rule.  Any deviations from this rule will jeopardize the permits for this event.

How do I find someone to carpool with?
You can find someone to carpool with using Ricky Rides. I encourage everyone to go to this one spot to find a carpool. Reach out, make new friends. This has worked really well in the past. Really, it is easy and not a big deal. Lets all work together to make this work.  You can easily meet your carpool at the hwy 93 and hwy 46 junction.  There is a small parking lot on hwy 46 just west of hwy 93.  You can also park in the Mountain Smith parking lot in the business park just north of hwy 46 on hwy 93.

Can I Camp at the Red Barn or Start/ Finish?

No.  No camping at the Red Barn or the Start / Finish.  There are suggestions of where to camp on the Where to Stay page.

Approximately 175,  50K racers, ALL 12M racer cars and all spectators will park at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds (230 Norton Drive, Black Hawk, CO 80422) , approximately 4 miles west of the park visitor center on Hwy 46. From there, a free shuttle bus will take you to the start/finish.

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