Aid Stations

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  • All aid stations will be fully staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and encouraging staff, ham radio operators and medical personnel.
  • Aid stations will be generously stocked food appropriate for the time of day you will be there.
  • Each runner must carry at least 40 oz of water carrying capacity.
  • Aid stations will not have cups for water or electrolyte drinks.

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Aid Station Provision

  • Tailwind Electrolyte Drink – (non-caffinated)
  • Cascade water
  • Zuber Fizz natural soda (cola and ginger ale)
  • Fruit (oranges, bananas, watermelon)
  • Potato chips, cookies, Pretzels
  • PB&Js, turkey wraps, perogies, soup, bouillion, pickles, avocados, miso soup, coffee, chicken noodle soup
  • Sunscreen, basic first aid supplies


Drop Bags

Drop bags are meant to provide you access to provisions you need that aid stations do not provide. Please pack only what you need. Our volunteers are generally skinny runners hauling your drop bags to the aid station, not professional movers!

Drop Bags will be taken to:

  • Aid #1 (Molas Pass) – Mile 11.4 (55K & 100K)
  • Aid #3 (Cascade Creek Rd) – Mile 29.1 (100K only)
  • Aid #4 (Engineer Mountain TH) – Mile 37.3 – Put headlamps in this drop bag! (100K only)
  • Aid #5 (Bandera Mine) – Mile 50.17 (55K & 100K – Aid 3 for 55K)
  • Aid #6 (Anvil C.G.) – Mile 56.09 (55K & 100K – Aid 4 for 55K)


Aid Station Details and Locations

Aid #1 – Molas Pass – Mile 11.4

Located at the top of Molas Pass just south of Silverton in the paved parking lot.  Due to the high crowds and the limited parking at this location we will be shuttling crew and spectators up to this location.  There is a Prime race to the first Aid Station.  1st Male and 1st Female to reach Aid 1, who then finishes the race will win $100 cash.  We will have an Emcee announcing runners as they come in.  There will be a lot of fun energy here.  The first runner will arrive around 8:15 am.  It only takes 15 minutes to drive here, so you have some time to grab a coffee or tea after the start of the race.  Don’t get to distracted from this party at 11,000 ft.  Fill up with lots of water.  It is 10.3 exposed miles to the next aid station.

Aid #2 – Rolling Pass – Mile 21.93

This aid station is at 12,000 ft elevation and is 3.4 miles from a trailhead.  All supplies will be backpacked in by amazing volunteers.  Runners will be limited to just 40 oz of liquid at this station for the 100K racers and 30 oz for the 55K’ers.  We will have water, Tailwind, VFuel gels, cookies, chips, oranges, candy bars and a few other food items at this station.   It is 6.75 miles to the next aid for the 100K’ers,  and 3.4 miles to the next aid station for the 55K’ers,  so get what you need here, but know you have good aid just under 7 miles ahead.

Aid #3 – Cascade Creek Rd – Mile 28.8

This is a 1.5 hour drive in on a rough 4 wheel drive rd.  Crew is not allowed here.  This aid is a short .07 mile jaunt to the left off the CT.

Aid #4 – Engineer Mountain TH – Mile 37.3

This aid station is located about 25 min. south of Silverton on the south side of Coal Bank Pass.  Drive approximately 6 miles down the south side of Coal Bank Pass from the summit.  The turn to Aid 4 will be on your right.  The turn will be marked with Dirty 30 signs.  Crew and spectators are allowed here.  Runners will be spread out enough that there will be room for people to come and go.  It is a tough 13.1 miles (10 mile climb) to the next aid station, so be sure to plan accordingly.  Depending on your pace, you may want to make sure to put your headlamps in the drop bag for this aid station.

Aid #5 – Bandera Mine – Mile 50.17

This aid station is at the southern end of South Mineral Creek Rd. at the old Bandera Mine site.  This is were you will cross the creek coming off of the Rico-Silverton Trail onto S. Mineral Creek Rd.  This is 4 wheel drive access and crews are not allow here.  I do not want cars driving up to this aid station and interfering with the back country running experience.  Your crew drives here you will be disqualified.

Aid #6 – Anvil Campground – Mile 56.09

This aid station will bring you home.  Crew is allowed here.  Only a relatively easy 4.5 miles to go.  Drop bags are taken here.