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The awards ceremony will follow the breakfast on Sunday morning. Although it is not necessary to be present to receive your award, I hope you will all stick around for the awards ceremony.


Finisher Awards

All racers will receive a quality finisher medal and a finisher poster created from a top artist.  This beautiful piece of art shows the steam engine coming out of the canyon with towering peaks behind.

  • 1st Male and 1st Female will be awarded a trophy created by Quiet Bear Art.


King and Queen of the Mountain

  • 1st Male and Female to reach Aid #1 (Molas Pass): $100 each (must finish race!)

Top 3 Fundraisers – Minimum $1000

  • Will be awarded weekend get-a-way packages:
    • Visit Durango – weekend at the famous historical Strater Hotel, 2 tickets on the train and fine dining for 2.
    • Visit Telluride – weekend at the famous New Sheridan Hotel, dinner for 2 at the Cosmopolitan,

Other Awards

An array of NOT so politically correct awards that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • DFL: is much better than DNF or DNS so this person will be honored in a very special way.
  • The Average Goat: in any other arena “average” is nothing to get too excited about, but to be an average Double Dirty 30’er is a pretty special designation.
  • “The Real Winner”: a unique prize that will keep you guessing…
  • The Racer who traveled the furthest
  • Dirty 30 Runner – Fastest combined time of Golden Gate Dirty 30 and the Silverton Double Dirty 30

Award Winners

Dirty 30 Runner Award
Fastest Combined Times of Golden Gate Dirty 30 and Silverton Double Dirty 30

First Last GGD30 SDD30 Combined Year From
Shaun Higgins 6:36:43 14:44:51 21:21:34 2016 Denver, CO
Vincent Dorzweiller 6:17:04 15:10:42 21:27:46 2016 Boulder, CO
Andrew Reed 6:58:45 15:48:48 22:47:33 2016 Longmont, CO
Jonathan Rea 5:24:30 18:20:14 23:44:44 2016 Golden, CO
Keesha Erickson 8:04:38 18:36:05 26:40:43 2016 Boulder, CO