Race Details

Race Details 2019-04-16T22:42:35-06:00
Course Details

Course Map 100K and 60K

Course Map 100K Course

Course Map 60K Course

GPS Data Files

Click here to download 100K Course .gpx file.

Click here to download 60K Course .gpx file.

Aid Station Details

Turn Sheet

2019  60K Turn Sheet

2019 100K Turn Sheet


Elevation Profile of 100K

12,'631 ft (3850M) climbing / descending

Elevation Profile 59.5K (37M) Course

7,447 feet (2270M) of climbing  / descending


Aid Station Details
  • All aid stations will be fully staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and encouraging staff, ham radio operators and medical personnel.
  • Aid stations will be generously stocked food appropriate for the time of day you will be there.
  • Each runner must carry at least 40 oz of water carrying capacity.
  • Aid stations will not have cups for water or electrolyte drinks.

Aid Station Provision

  • Tailwind Electrolyte Drink - (non-caffeinated)
  • Cascade water
  • Fruit (oranges, bananas, watermelon)
  • Potato chips, cookies, Pretzels
  • PB&Js, turkey wraps, pierogies, soup, bouillion, pickles, avocados, miso soup, coffee, chicken noodle soup
  • Sunscreen, basic first aid supplies


Drop Bags

Drop bags are meant to provide you access to provisions you need that aid stations do not provide. Please pack only what you need. Our volunteers are generally skinny runners hauling your drop bags to the aid station, not professional movers!

Drop Bags will be taken to:

  • Aid #1 (Molas Pass) – Mile 11.4 (55K & 100K)
  • Aid #3 (Cascade Creek Rd) – Mile 29.1 (100K only)
  • Aid #4 (Engineer Mountain TH) – Mile 37.3 – Put headlamps in this drop bag! (100K only)
  • Aid #5 (Bandera Mine) - Mile 50.17 (55K & 100K - Aid 3 for 55K)

Aid Station Details and Locations

Aid #1 – Molas Pass – Mile 11.4

Located at the top of Molas Pass just south of Silverton in the paved parking lot.   There will be a lot of fun energy here.  The first runner will arrive around 7:30 a.m.  It only takes 15 minutes to drive here, so you have some time to grab a coffee or tea after the start of the race.  Runner's, don’t get to distracted from this party at 11,000 ft.  Fill up with lots of water.  It is 10.3 exposed miles to the next aid station and you will be limited to the amount of water you get at Aid 2.

Aid #2 – Rolling Pass – Mile 21.93

This aid station is at 12,000 ft elevation and is 3.4 miles from a trailhead.  All supplies will be backpacked in by amazing volunteers.  Runners will be limited to just 40 oz of liquid at this station for the 100K racers and 30 oz for the 55K'ers.  We will have water, Tailwind, VFuel gels, cookies, chips, oranges, candy bars and a few other food items at this station.   It is 6.75 miles to the next aid for the 100K'ers,  and 3.4 miles to the next aid station for the 55K'ers,  so get what you need here, but know you have good aid just under 7 miles ahead.

Aid #3 – Cascade Creek Rd – Mile 28.8

This is a 1.5-hour drive in on a rough 4 wheel drive rd.  Your crew is not allowed here.  This aid station is a short .07 mile jaunt to the left off the CT.

Aid #4 – Engineer Mountain TH – Mile 37.3

This aid station is located about 25 min. south of Silverton on the south side of Coal Bank Pass.  Drive approximately 6 miles down the south side of Coal Bank Pass from the summit.  The turn to Aid 4 will be on your right just south of the run-way truck ramp. The turn will be marked with Dirty 30 signs.  Crew and spectators are allowed here.  Runners will be spread out enough that there will be room for people to come and go.  It is a tough 13.1 miles (10-mile climb) to the next aid station, so be sure to plan accordingly. Make sure to put your headlamps in the drop bag for this aid station.

Aid #5 – Bandera Mine – Mile 50.17

This aid station is at the southern end of South Mineral Creek Rd. at the old Bandera Mine site.  This is where you will cross the creek coming off of the Rico-Silverton Trail onto S. Mineral Creek Rd.  This is 4 wheel drive access and crews are not allowed to drive here.   If your crew drives here you will be disqualified.  Crew members or pacers can hike to this aid station from the Ice Lakes Trailhead parking area.  It is about a 2.5- mile hike up the 4-wheel drive rd.

Aid #6 – Putnam – Mile 56.52

This is a backcountry/hike in aid station.  This is the same aid station as the Hardrock 100 Putnam Aid Station.  Crew is not allowed here.


Pacers may join you at:


  • Aid 4-Engineer Mtn TH. - Mile 37
    • 20 - 25 min drive south on Hwy 550 from Silverton.
  • Aid 5 - Bandera Mine - Mile 51
    • 2.5-mile hike up S. Mineral Creek Rd (4-wheel drive rd) from Ice Lakes Trailhead.  No spectators, crew or pacers may drive past Ice Lakes TH.  If your crew or pacer drives to Aid 5 you will be disqualified.  This is a narrow 4-wheel drive rd and we are not permitted to jam it up with traffic.


Aid 5 - Bandera Mine - Mile 25.8 (Aid 3 for the 55K)

    • 2.5-mile hike up S. Mineral Creek Rd (4-wheel drive rd) from Ice Lakes Trailhead.  No spectators, crew or pacers may drive past Ice Lakes TH.  If your crew or pacer drives to Aid 5, you will be disqualified.  This is a narrow 4-wheel drive rd and we are not permitted to jam it up with traffic.




Race Schedule

Course Marking

Course is divided into 4 sections.  Course markers will head out on Friday to mark their section.

Section 1 - Start to aid 1 (11.3 miles).
Section 2 - Aid 1 to Aid 4 ( 25.6 miles).
Section 3 - Aid 4 to Aid 5 (13 miles)

Section 4 - Aid 5 to Finish (12 miles)


Friday - August 2, 2019

Event Time Location Notes
Packet Pickup - 4-7 p.m. Grand Imperial Hotel Please do your best to arrive before 7:00 p.m. If you cannot, we will accommodate you.
Pre-Race Meal,  5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Grand Imperial Hotel  Please pre-purchase your dinners on ultra-sign up so the restaurant knows how many people they are feeding.
MANDATORY - Pre-race briefing 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Grand Imperial Hotel This is a mandatory meeting.


Saturday - August 3, 2019

Event Time Location Notes
Breakfast 4:30 AM Coffee Bear - 13th and Greene St. You may pre-order your breakfast burrito at packet pick up and they will have it ready for you on Saturday morning.
Race Morning Check-In  5:00 -5:30 AM Grand Imperial Hotel
Race Start - 100K and 55K  6:00 AM Harmony Park 12th & Greene St.
55K Finishers   12:00 pm - 9:30 pm Harmony Park - 12th and Greene St.
100K Finishers 7:00 pm - 7:00 am Harmony Park 12th and Greene St.


Sunday - August 3, 2019

Event Time Location Notes
Finish line closes 7:00 a.m. Harmony Park
Breakfast  7 - 9:00 a.m. Grand Imperial Hotel  Volunteers will be treated to breakfast. Please come join us to celebrate, share stories and connect.  Racers, family, and friends may purchase their own breakfast.
Group Photo 9:00 a.m. 12th and Greene St. Wear your race and volunteer shirts.  We will take a all racer and volunteer group photo in front of the Grand Imperial Hotel on Greene Street.
Awards  9:15- 10:00 a.m. Grand Imperial Hotel Professional photographer and ultra runner, Howie Stern will present a slide show from the weekend's events at 9:00 a.m.  Awards will follow.
GPS Tracking

100K & 55K Racers -

All racers are required by the San Juan County Sheriff to carry a GPS tracker.  Silverton Ultra Marathon will employ MAProgress to provide GPS tracking for this race.  Their integrated system will allow us, as well as the rest of the world,  to see each runners GPS tracker on the course.  You may share this link with your friends and family so they can follow your race.

If you have a SPOT or an InReach GPS Tracker you may use your own or you may rent a tracker from MAProgress.  The advantage of renting a tracker from MAProgress is they are the SPOT Trace tracker which is much smaller.  They have a pouch that will attach to your hydration pack.  You will not need to worry about anything.  If you have your own tracker you will need to log on to MAProgress's site and register your tracker so we will be able to see your tracker on the course map.

Rent your tracker or register your tracker at:

Rent your tracker or Register your tracker her


Trail Run Project

Mandatory Gear

This MANDATORY GEAR LIST is for both the 100K and the 55K races.  You will be many miles and hours away from aid and help on this course.  These courses are mostly above 11,000 ft where the weather is more severe and harsh and leaving you with little protection.  Your well being and safety is our responsibility and thus you must come prepared with the following items and be carrying them at all times during this race.  The weather can change from beautiful blue skies and warm to a freezing, life-threatening hail storm with no warning.

Rain Jacket with hood - Gortex or equivalent.  Lightweight rain jackets like the UD rain jacket is not adequate

Safety space blanket - mylar space blanket

Gloves - with some waterproof or resistance

Hat or buff


Highly Recommended Gear -

Rain pants

Lightweight Marino Wool base layer in a baggie to put on after you get caught in a rainstorm, to get the wet clothes off of you.

Having a change of dry rain gear and layers at the different aid stations.  Beg, borrow and steal additional layers.  Staying dry is the key to your success here.

Photo Tour

Racer Communication

Click on the titles to view the content of each email communication

Race Details - July 29, 2018

My Dearest Silverton Ultra Marathoners,

I hope you are all getting your taper on . . . it is just 13 days until the big race.  I am so excited to share my love an passion of this beautifully spectacular place with you.  It makes my heart sing and it lights my fire.  I hope it does the same for you.

As many of you know we moved the race date from the end of September to the middle of August.  We have traded early snows for monsoons.  Both are equally as treacherous and the rains deserve your utmost respect as do a snow storm.  You will be many miles and many hours from aid or help, so you must be prepared to travel 4 to 5 hours in and out of storms the will dump buckets of water, hail the size of dimes and biting winds.  If you have not been in a challenging rain storm lately you need to test your rain coat in the shower ( no joke!)  You must come prepared to endure challenging weather.  There is a mandatory gear list.  Babysitting is not what I like to do, but I am responsible for each one of you and after getting stuck in the worst storm of my life 2 days ago on the Rico- Silverton trail that would have put every single one of you in an emergency situation, I feel this is the responsible thing to do.

You must carry:
rain jacket - preferably Gortex. with hood.  The thin jackets like the UD rain jacket is too thin and will not protect you.  This will not qualify for this requirement.
Emergency space blanket - mylar space blanket
gloves - with some sort of water proofing
Hat or buff
Min of 60 oz capacity of water ( more for the back of the packers who will take longer between aid stations)

Highly recommended:
Rain pants
a marino wool base layer stored in a baggie to stay dry for something to change into if you get wet.

This is not your average ultra marathon.  You will be at 11,000 feet or above most of your race.  The weather is much more severe at that altitude and you must come prepared.

GPS Data:
Thank you to Rich Price you uploaded the GPS file to Trail Run Project.  You can see and download this data.  It is on the course info page.

GPS Tracking - The MAProgress tracking link is also current on the website.  Your friends and family can follow the race by going to the link on the website.  You will be sent an email with the link for your specific marker that you can send out.  This link will just show your marker, not the rest of the racers.

COSAR Card -

If you do not have a current COSAR Card you will need to purchase one at the race from the San Juan Search and Rescue. A 3 year Card is $5.  A 1 year card is $3.

Awards Breakfast -
I hope you will all plan to stay for the awards breakfast on Sundaymorning.  This is a great time to connect with the awesome community.  You will receive your finisher poster with your name and finishing time on it.  If you have to leave early, please come get your poster before you leave.

Registration will close on August 2nd.  If you have any friends that are interested in volunteering please have them contact me.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Megan Finnesy, RD

Final Race Preparations - August 3, 2018

Dear SUM’ers,

Thank you for choosing to run the SUM.  I realize there are many races for you to choose from, and I am honored you made the decision to run this race.  Please know I do not take that lightly.  I am working hard to make sure this is one of your top race experiences and hopefully your best race experience.  I have a true love for this place . . . which started 22 years ago when I through hike the Colorado Trail . . . I am excited I get to share this passion and place with you.

Since this is not your average ultra-marathon, I need to make sure you are all well informed and prepared for your adventure.  It is important to me that everyone who comes to finish this race does indeed finish.  It begins now.  Please take care of yourself this week.

  • Stay on top of your hydration
  • Get some good quality sleep
  • Start organizing your gear now

Mandatory Gear List –

If you have not already read the last email I sent out about a week ago, please do so ASAP.  You can find it here:


It is under the last tab, race details, July 29, 2018

Both 55Kers and 100Kers are required to follow the mandatory gear list.  You both will be above tree line and a long way from aid and roads for many miles.

Also, consider getting a disposable or light weight poncho and carrying in addition to your rain jacket.



Have you read the course description while studying the course / area map?  Have you viewed the Trail Project Map link on the course info tab?  Everyone is required to review the maps with a critical eye before arriving. I recommend viewing google earth of the area as well.  I will be testing your course knowledge when you arrive at packet pick up, and you could be randomly picked to describe a section of the course at the pre-race briefing.  Knowledge is power and it will help you be safe and successful at this event.  Yes, the course will be marked well, but many things can prevent you from relying on the course markers.  This is a remote, backcountry, high altitude trail running race.  For your safety and my sanity, I need you all to have a basic understanding of the layout of this area.

You need to be able to answer these questions:

  • How many times do you pass the Engineer Mountain Trail / Colorado Trail Junction and at what miles?
  • How many times do you pass the Rico-Silverton Trail and at what miles?
  • Where is the Rico – Silverton Trail / Colo Trail Junction?  What makes this an important  junction?
  • 100kers only - How many times do you pass the White Trail and at what miles? (hint – the first time you pass it is on the descent off of Rolling Pass)


Mandatory Pre – Race Briefing – 6:30 p.m.

You need to be at the pre-race briefing. I am sure some of you will have a good excuse why you cannot make it, please let me know what that is.

Pre-Race Meal – 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Come join us for this fun gathering and great grub provided by the Grand Imperial Hotel.  This is a great opportunity to connect with other runners and the volunteers as well.  Cost of the meal is $15.  $5 from each meal will go to San Juan County Search and Rescue.  If you paid for your meal at registration you will get a meal ticket.  If you did not purchase a meal ticket, you may pay for your meal at the dinner.  If you did not purchase meal tickets and you would like to join us, please let me know how many will be joining you so I can give the hotel a heads up on numbers.

Pre-Race Meet and Greet – Friday 4:30 – 5:30

Come enjoy a beer or other beverage as we mingle and get to know each other.


Where to Eat Breakfast Race Morning

  • The Bent Elbow on Blair Street (2 blocks from the start) will be opening at 4:30 a.m. and will be serving breakfast to order.  They serve good food and I am proud to partner with them.  The owner Darleen, has been a huge supporter of this event.


  • The Coffee Bear – Next Door to race headquarters

Will be serving breakfast burritos, a oatmeal bar and muffins, as well as your choice of coffee / tea and other drinks.  They will be opening at 4:30 a.m. as well.


  • Thee Pitts Again – Right next door to the finish line area – will be providing pulled pork sandwiches at the finish line for all the finishers and volunteers.  If you or your crew love BBQ you will love these guys.  They are amazing.  Check them out.


Awards Breakfast –

Racers and volunteers are treated to breakfast on Sunday morning.  The awards ceremony will follow the breakfast.  For those of you who have been to my races in the past, you know I love to have everyone come together to celebrate and share.  Please plan on attending.  You will receive a beautiful piece of art finisher poster and we will be celebrating the top fundraisers with amazing prize packages!  If you cannot attend, please let us know so we can get you your finisher poster.  This is something I have invested a lot of time and money into and I really want you to take this beautiful piece home with you.


Big Brothers Big Sisters –

It is not too late to join the fundraising efforts.  Everyone who raises at least $1500 will have their entry fee refunded.  The top 2 fundraisers will win either a visit Durango Package – 2 nights at the Historic General Palmer Hotel, Dinner and Train Tickets or a Visit Telluride Package – 3 nights at The Peaks Resort.  Your fundraising efforts will change the life of a child.  This is an opportunity for you to run for a much bigger cause than just you.  See all the details at:



Where to Stay –

Please see the where to stay page for hotel accommodations.  Each of these hotels have chosen to support this event by providing a room for our volunteers.  Let’s fill up the rooms at these hotels first.



Being nervous for this event is healthy.  It will help you prepare better.  It is good.  Do not back down or run away at this point.  Some of you will try, but this race called you and you went for it.  The time is now to step through the fear, quiet the chatter deep in your brain and keep moving forward. Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Get yourself to the starting line and I promise, this amazing community and super supportive crew will help get you to the finish.  Kissing the “Heart Rock” will really mean something to you.  This journey will expand your horizons and open new doors for you.  It’s on you to show up though.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will do my very best to get them answered right away.


Sending you lots of Love and inspiration.  I can’t wait to greet and squeeze you!


Miss Megan,

Race Director