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Course Marking

September 22-23 – Course is divided into 3 sections.  Course markers will head out on Friday to mark their section.

Section 1 – Start to aid 1 (11.3 miles).
Section 2 – Aid 1 to Aid 4 ( 25.6 miles).
Section 3 – Aid 4 to Finish (24 miles)

Friday – September 23

Event Time Location Notes
Packet Pickup – 1:00 PM -4:30 PM Grand Imperial Hotel
Mandatory Volunteer Meeting 3:00- 400 PM Harmony Park Tent  Pick up aid station supplies, marshal signs, get important details about the race and your job.  Come join the pre-race meal at the Grand Imperial with all the runner.  $15 Spaggeti meal.  Proceeds go to San Juan Search and Rescue
Pre-Race Meal, Meet & Greet,  & Pre Race Briefing  5:00 – 7:00 PM Grand Imperial Hotel


Saturday – September 24

Event Time Location Notes
Race Morning Check-In  6:00 AM Harmony Park – 12th & Green St.
Race Start  7:00 AM Harmony Park 12th & Green St.
King & Queen of the Mountain  8:30 AM Molas Pass  Party on the pass.  Come Cheer on the racers at Aid 1.  Runners arrive from 8:30 am – 10:30ish am.
Race Finish  5:00 pm ish Saturday – 3:00 am ish Sunday Harmony Park – 12th and Green St.


Sunday – September 25

Event Time Location Notes
Breakfast  8:00  AM Grand Imperial Hotel
Awards  9:00 AM Grand Imperial Hotel  We will kick off the Awards Ceremony with a Slide Show by Howie Stern of the weekend festivities.