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Let us show you how superior customer service and unrivaled coaching can transform your fitness and performance. Are you ready to see what’s possible?

Just some of the reasons you should sign up for coaching today:

  • It’s time to work with a professional coach and benefit from accountability and frequent communication.
  • You deserve a hand-built training schedule and expert analysis of all of your data files.
  • See 10% improvement in sustainable running pace*
  • Cruise up hills with an increased power-to-weight ratio*
  • Join the thousands of athletes who have achieved their goals and stood atop podiums while working with CTS

*Average results for new CTS Athletes.

We want you to give professional coaching a try, so we’re waiving your registration fee! Use coupon code DIRTY30 at checkout to waive the coaching registration fee and get your first month’s coaching for only $1.00.

  • Never tried coaching? This is a great, no-risk opportunity to see what professional coaching is all about. If it’s not for you, just let us know and there’s no obligation past the first month.
  • Had a bad experience with another coach? Let us show you what superior customer service and unrivaled coaching expertise can do for you. Give us three months to prove it to you, and anytime within the first 90 days you can walk away with no cancellation penalty.
  • Uncertain about your finances? We understand that life sometimes changes quickly, so we’ve done away with hefty early cancellation policies. If you have to end your coaching early, we just require a fee equal to one additional month of your coaching.
  • Don’t know if you’ll like your coach? We have a great record for matching athletes to coaches, but at any point our Athlete Services team can seamlessly transfer you to another CTS Coach.

Follow the link below to compare coaching packages and find the right one for you. Use coupon code DIRTY30 at checkout to waive the coaching registration fee and get your first month’s coaching for only $1.00.

Getting Started Guide

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CTS Generic Plan

This plan is designed to be the bare minimum you’ll need to be successful at the Dirty 30.

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CTS Training Plan

A more advanced plan for athletes who want a more specific approach to prepare for the Dirty 30.

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Registration Link

To ensure your best possible result and experience at the Dirty 30- Work with CTS Coach Adam St.Pierre to prepare for the race around your specific schedule and limitations.

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UltraFueling Presentation by Adam St. Pierre

Click here to view presentation slides from our Happy Hour event on March 29, 2017.

About Adam St. Pierre

Adam St. Pierre has been running the trails of Colorado since 2006, and coaching trail runners since 2008 (including podium Dirty 30 finishers!). Adam combines a decade of experience as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Running Biomechanist with a passion for experiencing mountains and wilderness through running. Whether your goal is to complete a race or route in Colorado, compete for podium position, or beat your friends on Strava- Adam will tailor your training to match your time constraints, goals, and abilities.

6/2/2012- Dirty 30 Race (6th place)