Silverton Ultra Dirty Awards

The awards ceremony will follow the breakfast on Sunday morning. Although it is not necessary to be present to receive your award, I hope you will all stick around for the awards ceremony. All racers, friends and family, volunteers and sponsors are invited to this celebration of true grit, determination, and perseverance.
Finisher Awards
  • 1st male and female of the 100K and the 60K will receive a special, hand made piece of art trophy from Ken Webb at Quiet Bear Art.
  • All finishers will receive a finisher medal.
  • Peppy Plugger Award: DFL is much better than DNF or DNS so this person will be recognized in a special way.
  • Dirty 30 Runner – Combined times of the Dirty 30 50K and the Silverton Ultra Dirty 100K

2019 100K winners

Seth Wealing - 1st Male & Allissa St. Laurent - Overall winner

Dirty 30 Runner Award

Combined times of Golden Gate Dirty 30 and Silverton Ultra Dirty 100K in same year.
Course changed in 2019 by adding the Putnam-Bear Creek segment,increasing the verticle by approx. 3,000'.

First NameLast NameGGD30SUDCombinedYearFromCourse
Garrett Smith5:34:5712:10:0317:45:002017Tucson, AZoriginal
SethWealing5:29:4712:37:1618:07:032017Boulder, COoriginal
ShaunHiggins6:36:4314:44:5121:21:342016Denver, COoriginal
VincentDorzweiller6:17:0415:10:4221:27:462016Boulder, COoriginal
Andrew Reed6:08:2715:41:5921:50:262017Longmont, COoriginal
Andrew Reed6:58:4515:48:4822:47:332016Longmont, COoriginal
Jonathan Rea5:24:3018:20:1423:44:442016Golden, COoriginal
JasonPlatt7:18:5217:19:1624:38:082018Arvada, COoriginal
PatrickSheridan8:07:0517:30:3525:37:402018Thornton, COoriginal
TristanRubadeau8:15:0217:28:4425:43:462018Telluride, COoriginal
KeeshaErickson8:04:3818:36:0526:40:432016Boulder, COoriginal
KevinSmith7:10:4919:46:1026:59:592019Lafayette, COnew
KevinSmith6:59:1020:36:4127:35:512017Lafayette, COoriginal
StephanieBachman8:53:2420:36:4129:30:052017Boulder, COoriginal
Andrew Jones7:55:0321:54:1129:49:142019Golden, COnew
AlyssaGottshall8:44:0921:31:3730:15:462017Aurora, COoriginal
JamesSchroeter8:46:0121:42:3730:28:382018Longmont, COoriginal
StephanieBachman9:24:4821:30:2430:55:122018Boulder, COoriginal
ChristinaDennison9:54:3821:35:5831:30:362017Denver, COoriginal
Lynda Wacht10:16:1724:40:4934:57:062019Littleton, COnew

Thanks to all of our incredible sponsors