Race details

Silverton Ultra Dirty Race details


Win an All-Inclusive Trekking Trip to Nepal with former Everest Guide Pemba Sherpa!Dirty30 Run-a-ThonYou Can Be a Champion for Preventing Child Trafficking in Nepal by participating in the Dirty30 Run-a-Thon!

From the Rockies to the Himalayas, we run because we are inspired to leave the world a little better than we found it. Dirty30TrailRaceSeries is partnering with Global Orphan Prevention to stop child trafficking in Nepal and support their Girls Learning Center.

More than 12,000 girls and women are trafficked from Nepal every year and in Ghyangphedi, 20% of adolescent girls go “missing” annually. No child should have to be fearful of being abducted simply because they lack something most of us take for granted. At Global Orphan Prevention, they’re on a mission to stop this. Our learning centers provide access to education, leadership, self-development, and social entrepreneurial opportunities, ensuring a young girl can feel safe, inspired, and most importantly, free.


Join the Run-A-Thon and run for a cause!! Ask for pledges for every mile you complete! You'll give yourself the good feeling of helping others while completing the Silverton Ultra Dirty. You will become part of a collective movement that is here to rewrite the narrative for our young women.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3.
  • 1. Create an account
  • 2. Register your miles.
  • 3. Ask your friends and family for pledges.

For anyone that raises $2,000 or more, you will be qualified to win an all-inclusive expedition to Nepal from our sponsor, Sherpa Chai, and Pemba Sherpa. The person who raises the most money wins the trip! The trip is valid for 3 years.



Aid Station Details and Locations

Aid Stations are so much more important to runners in a challenging ultra trail run because they are not just a place to grab a bite and refill your water and hydration. They are a place to regroup, take stock of how you feel, and get fantastic support from a group of warm, friendly, knowledgeable volunteers who are there to make sure you are doing okay and to keep you moving. Here’s what to expect at each aid station along the Silverton Ultra Dirty 100M/100K/60K courses.

Aid Station Fuel & Food

Our goal is a 100% finish rate for the Silverton Ultra Dirty 100M/100K/60K, so we do our best to stock the aid stations with fuel and provisions to help you succeed, including the time of day appropriate food. For tips on how to fuel your ultra, visit ourUltra Training Program page.

*Consider training with Tailwind, VFuel gels, and other foods listed below to see what works best for you on course and determine what you will use at our aid stations and what you may want to carry.
**Please feel free to suggests any foods you find helpful that you do not see listed below, and we will look into it. Thank you!

Each runner must carry at least 40 oz of water carrying capacity.

Sample of food to expect at the aid stations:
Tailwind Electrolyte Drink – (non-caffeinated)
Coffee, Coke, Ginger Ale
Fruit – oranges, bananas, watermelon
Potato chips, cookies, pretzels, Cheeze-its
PB & Js on white bread (gluten-free option)
Turkey wraps on tortilla’s (gluten-free option)
Quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwich
Vegetarian Soup
Chicken noodle soup
Miso soup
Boiled potatoes and salt

We Are Cupless

In an attempt to get as close to “green” as possible, the SUD is a cupless race, so there will not be any cups at aid stations. Runners are required to carry their hydration system!

Aid Station Supplies
Additional items supplied:

Basic First Aid
Bug spray

Course Support
We staff our aid stations with experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly volunteers who go out of their way to ensure you have a fun and successful race.
Aid stations will have ham radio operators on site for communication with medical and emergency staff
Emergency medical support is on call, and Basic First Aid is available at each aid station.
If you need to drop out at an aid station and your crew is not there to drive you out, you may need to stay at this aid station until the aid station crew serves the last runner and packs up and heads back to Silverton. Please thank the volunteers. The Silverton Ultra Dirty would not be possible without their help!

Drop Bag Requirments:

See the list on the Drop Bags page for the required gear you must carry or drop at each aid station, like a headlamp.


Crews may not drive to the following aid stations:

Dry Fork – 100M – Hike in only

Cascade – 100M, 100K – Narrow, rough 4-wheel drive

Rolling Pass – 100M, 100K, 60K - Hike in access only

Bandora – 100M, 100K, 60K -

Putnam – 100M, 100K, 60K - Hike in only

Dry Fork – 100M Aid 1 – Mile 6.5ish – 2WD – Hike In

Located at the junction of the Colorado Trail and the Dry Fork Trail. This junction is a 3-mile hike in from the Dry Fork Trailhead up Lightner Creek. This trailhead is a short drive west of Durango up highway 160.

Molas Pass - 100K & 60K Aid 1 – Mile 11 – 2WD

Located at the top of Molas Pass just south of Silverton in the paved parking lot. It is a 15 min. drive from Silverton. Fill up with lots of water and electrolyte. It is ten exposed miles to the next aid station, and you will be limited to the amount of water you get at Aid 2 because this is a remote aid station, and volunteers will pump all the water.

Champion Venture – 100M Aid 2 – Mile 18.2ish – 2WD – with .8 miles of a minor 4WD road that a Subaru type car can navigate fine

Located at the junction of the Colorado Trail and Champion Venture Rd. From Main Street and 25th street in Durango, drive 1.5 hours west on 25th street which then turns into Junction Creek Rd (FS Rd 171). Follow this Forest Service maintained 2WD dirt road up for about 1.5 hours to the fork. Turn left on Champion Venture Rd. Go .8 miles to the Aid Station where the CT crosses the road. Park in the wide areas and pull out areas about .5 miles in before the aid station. The last .8 miles on Champion Venture Rd are rated as 4WD, but a Subaru type car with some clearance will navigate this road fine.

Kennebec Pass TH – 100M Aid 3 – Mile 21.7 – 4WD Low, Clearance, Rugged Tires

Located at the top of La Plata Canyon / Kennebec Pass. This aid station is not easily accessible. It is a long, 15-mile drive up to the top of La Plata Canyon from the junction of hwy 160 and CR 124 in Hesperus, 11 miles west of Durango on Hwy 160. The last several miles are a rough and steep 4-wheel drive road with jagged rocks and a maneuver around a big hole at the top of the pass. I discourage crew from going to this aid station, but if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle with clearance, experience driving rough 4-wheel drive roads and rugged tires, crew may drive to this aid station.

Big Bend – 100M Aid 4 – Mile 35.5 – 4WD, rugged tires

This aid station is best accessed from Hwy 145 north of Dolores. This is a good dirt road and can be accessed with a Subaru or similar. From Durango, head west on Hwy 160 for 27.5 mi and take a right on CO 184/Main St in Mancos. Drive 17.7 miles and turn right on Rd 30, then turn left on 4th and right on Hwy 145 in Dolores. Drive 28.3 miles to FS Rd 435, Roaring Fork Rd. Head up this dirt road and continue straight at the next junction on FS Rd 564 – Divide Rd. Pass the Salt Creek Tr sign and continue a little way further, and you will see the Big Bend Aid Station on the right. Big Bend Aid Station is 12.3 miles up from Hwy 145.

Hotel Draw – 100M Aid 5 – Mile 41.8 – 4WD, Clearance, rugged tires

Approx. 8.5 miles further along FS Rd. 564 from the Big Bend Aid Station. If you are not planning on going to Big Bend Aid, and you are coming from Durango or Silverton, this aid station is easier accessed from Purgatory on Hwy 550. From Purgatory Ski Resort upper parking lot go right on the dirt FS Rd 578/Hermosa Park Rd. Take this well-traveled dirt road up approx. 13 or so miles. This road will cross a stream above Upper Hermosa Park. This should be okay for a Subaru to cross, but assess the situation upon arriving at this creek. Continue up to FS Rd 550 and continue to the south. The aid station is located just south of the junction of FS Rd 550 and FS Rd 578.

Hermosa Peak – 100M Aid 6 – Mile 51.3 – 4WD Low, Clearance, Rugged Tires


This aid station is best accessed from Hwy 145 just north of Rico (approx. a 1.5 hr. drive from Durango or 2.5 hr. drive from Silverton).   Do not attempt to go to this aid station unless you are familiar and comfortable driving rugged, backcountry 4WD roads. Accessing this aid station requires traveling narrow, steep, rocky Forest Service roads with switchbacks and stream crossings. If there is a lot of rain, the roads can become slippery. Take hwy 145 11 miles north of Rico. Take a right on FS rd 578 at Barlow Creek and Clayton Campground. The road is a narrow gravel road for 4 miles, then turns steep and rocky as it climbs Barlow Creek. Follow FS Rd 578. Look for a right turn on FS Rd 149 when it opens up in a meadow at the base of Hermosa Peak. The aid station is located at the end of FS Rd 149. The road can be deeply rutted and sketchy, so it might be wise to hike in from FS Rd 578.

Aid #7/#10: Cascade – 100M – Mile 56.4 and Mile 81.62 & 100K – Mile 39.7

This is a 1.5-hour drive in on a narrow, rough 4-wheel drive road. Your crew is not allowed here.

Aid #8: Rolling Pass (Jct. of CT and Engineer Mountain Tr)- 100M – Mile 63.4, 100K & 60K – Mile 21

This aid station is at 12,000 ft elevation and is a 3.4 miles hike up 2,000 ft. from the Rico-Silverton trailhead at Bandera Mine. All supplies are backpacked in by amazing volunteers. Runners will be limited to just 50 oz of liquid at this station for the 100M & 100K racers and 20 oz for the 60K’ers. It is 10 miles to the next aid for 100M & 100K runners and 3.4 miles to the next aid station for the 60K runners.

Aid #9: Engineer – 100M – Mile 73.41 & 100K – Mile 31 – 2WD

This aid station is located about 25 min. south of Silverton on the south side of Coal Bank Pass. Drive approximately 6 miles down the south side of Coal Bank Pass from the summit. The turn to this aid station will be on your right, just beyond the run-way truck ramp. This is an easy 2WD access aid station where crew and spectators are welcomed. This is also the easiest place for a runner to drop. 100K crew must obtain an estimated arrival time of their runners to this aid station and go to this aid station only 30 min. before predicted arrival time and leave once your runner has left the aid station.

Aid #11: Bandora – 100M – Mile 90.4, 100K – Mile 48.4 & 60K – Mile 24.8

This aid station is at the southern end of South Mineral Creek Rd. at the old Bandera Mine site. There are a few creek crossings before this aid station and another one right after it, so no need to change shoes or socks. This is 4-wheel drive access, and crews are not allowed to drive here. If your crew drives here, you will be disqualified. Crew members or pacers can hike to this aid station from the Ice Lakes Trailhead parking area. It is about a 2.5- mile hike up the 4-wheel drive rd that has three creek crossings. Ice Lakes TH is about 5 miles up S. Mineral Creek Rd from Hwy 550, about 1.5 miles north of Silverton on Hwy 550. Crews and pacers will need take the shuttle to the Ice Lakes TH between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Saturday.

Aid #12: Putnam – 100M – Mile 97, 100K – Mile 54.62 & 60K – Mile 31.4

This is a backcountry/hike-in aid station. This is the same aid station as the Hardrock 100 Putnam Aid Station. Crew is not allowed here. This is a 5 mile hike into this aid station. Although it is tough to get supplies into this aid station, we will plan to have various food options here, such as soups, grilled cheese, PBJ, etc.

Pacers Rules:

  • 1. No Muling. Pacers may not carry water, food, flashlights, shoes, clothing or other supplies for their runners or provide any other type of mechanical or physical assistance to their runners on the course.
  • 2. Runners are allowed to have one pacer accompany them from designated aid stations only.
  • 3. Runners 60 years and older may have a pacer from the start.
  • 4. Runners who are uncomfortable going alone in the dark after the second aid station at Kennebec Pass, may pick up a pacer here. Prepare for the difficult 4WD road to access this aid station.
  • 5. Pacers must be at least 18 years old. Special permission may be granted for pacers under the age of 18. Waiver must be signed by parent or guardian. 7
  • 6. Pacers must carry mandatory gear at all times.
  • 7. Pacers must be competent and confident in high altitude, remote mountains.
  • 8. Pacers may not have drop bags, but can use their runners drop bags.
  • 9. Pacers may assist their runner with filling water bottles or replenishing of supplies at the aid stations, but may not come into the aid stations ahead of their runner, or depart after their runner to speed up the fueling process.
  • 10. Pacers must leave and enter each aid station with their runner and clearly identify themselves to aid station personnel. Pacers may accept aid at aid stations.
  • 11. Pacers must sign a waiver and wear a pacer bib.
  • 12. If the pacer's runner withdraws from the race and the pacer wishes to continue, the pacer must remain at the aid station until another runner requests a pacer.
  • 13. Runners are allowed to have more than one pacer, crew, family or friend accompany them to the finish from Shrine Road to the Finish.
    • Pacers may join you at the following aid stations.


      • Hotel Draw - Mile 41.8
      • Hermosa Peak - Mile 51.3
      • Engineer - Mile 73.41
      • Bandora - Mile 90.43(pacers and crew must hike 2.5 mi to this aid station)
            • 100K

              • Engineer Mtn TH. - Mile 31.4
              • Bandora - Mile 48.42 (pacers and crew must hike 2.5 mi to this aid station)


              No Pacers Allowed

Course Marking

Course is divided into 8 sections.  Course markers will head out on Friday morning to mark their section.

Junction Creek TH to Dryfork - 6.5 mi.
Dry Fork to Kennebec Pass TH - 15.2 mi.
Kennebec Pass TH to Big Bend - 13.8 mi.
Big Bend to Cascade - 20.9 mi.
Engineer to Cascade to Rolling Pass to Bandera - 18.7 mi.
Molas to Engineer - 20 mi.
Bandora to Silverton - 11.5 mi

Silverton to Molas Pass - 11 mi.


Thur - August 4, 2022

Event Time Location Notes
100M Packet Pickup 3-6 p.m. Durango, location TBD
100M Dropbag Drop Off  5-7 p.m. Durango at packet pick-up, location TBD  Must drop off by 6pm Thur if you want your drop bags taken to the aid stations.
Picnic - Bring Your Own Picnic 5-7 p.m. Durango, location TBD Everyone is invited. Bring your own chair
MANDATORY 100M Pre-race Briefing 6-7 p.m. Durango, location TBD MANDATORY. If you are not present at this meeting you will not be permitted to race. No exceptions. Plan accordingly and plan for traffic issues. Bring your own chair


Friday August 5, 2022

Event Time Location Notes
100M Check-in   5:30 a.m. Junction Creek TH, Durango All racers must check-in at Start
100M Start 6:00 a.m. Junction Creek TH, Durango Crew may park at the Junction Creek Trailhead area for the start
100K & 60K Packet Pick-up 1-5:30 p.m. Kendall Mountain Rec Area
100K & 60K Dropbag Drop Off 1-5:30 p.m. Kendall Mountain Rec Area
MANDATORY 100K & 60K Pre-race Briefing 6-7 p.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. area MANDATORY. IF YOU MISS THE PRE RACE BRIEFING YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE. Plan for traffic issues.


Saturday August 6, 2022

Event Time Location Notes
100K Racer Check-in 4:30 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area All racers must check in race morning. We will check mandatory gear and trackers
100K Start  5 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area
60K Racer Check-in  5:30 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area All racers must check in. We will check mandatory gear and trackers
60K Start  6 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area
First 100 Mile Finisher between 6 and 9 a.m. Saturday Kendall Mountain Rec. Area
First 60K Finisher 12:45 p.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area
First 100K finisher 5:45 p.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area


Sunday - August 7, 2022

Event Time Location Notes
Finish Line Closes 6 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area
Group Photo 9 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area This photo is an annual tradition. Please plan to join us for this picture. Wear your race and volunteer shirts. All racers and volunteers get to be in this photo.
Awards Ceremony  9:15 a.m. Kendall Mountain Rec. Area  Bring your camp chairs.

100M, 100K & 60K Racers -

All racers are required by the San Juan County Sheriff to carry a GPS tracker.  Silverton Ultra Dirty will employ MAProgress to provide GPS tracking for this race.  Their integrated system allows us, as well as the rest of the world,  to see each runner's GPS tracker on the course map.  You may share this link with your friends and family so they can follow your race.

If you have a SPOT or an InReach GPS Tracker you may use your own, if not you may rent a tracker from MAProgress.  MAProgress rents the SPOT GEN 3 Tracker. Which they have found to be the most reliable.  They provide a pouch that attaches to your hydration pack.  The trackers will be sent to the race director and you will pick it up at packet pick-up and return it at the finish line.  If you have your own tracker you need to log on to MAProgress's site and register your tracker so we can see your tracker on the course map. This process is sometimes easy, and other times may require persistance. If you cannot get it to load email Shane@maprogress.com. When your tracker is registered you will see your name show up on the map under the distance you are racing. If you need to cancel your registration you must cancel your tracker with MAProgress as well.

Rent your tracker or register your tracker at:

Rent your tracker or Register your tracker here

2021 Silverton Ultra Dirty Live Tracking

This MANDATORY GEAR LIST is for the 100M, 100K and the 60K races. You will be many miles and hours away from aid stations and other outside help while on this course.  60% of these courses are above 11,000 ft where weather is more severe and harsh, leaving you with little protection. Your well-being and safety are our responsibility and thus you must come prepared with the following items and be carrying them at all times during this race. The weather can change from beautiful blue skies and warm to a freezing, life-threatening hail storm with no warning. Additionally, the weather can be sunny in one drainage and storming in the next. This is high mountain running. Leave the singlets at home for this one.

Please carry each of the following items with you from the start of your raceYou may supplement with items in your drops bags to have extras of each item in case you get wet, cold, etc. Having a change of dry, warm gear and layers waiting for you at each aid station is key to your comfort, safety, and success! Dry layers do not need to be fancy—beg and borrow these additional layers from friends or purchase at thrift shops. Again, staying dry is the key to your success.

See more details about drop bags Here.

Mandatory Gear:
1. Rain Jacket with hood—Gortex or equivalent. A lightweight rain jacket is not adequate.
2. Mylar space blanket
3. Gloves with some waterproofing or water resistance
4. Hat and/or buff

5. Personal First Aid Items/Kit

6. Katadyn Be Free collapsible water filter 33.8 fluid oz or something similar

Highly Recommended Gear:

1. Rain pants
2. Lightweight Marino wool base layer in a baggie to put on after you get caught in a rainstorm, to get the wet clothes off of you.

1. Use the table below to plan for where you want your drop bags waiting for you along the racecourse and at the finish line.
2. Make sure you put your drop bags at the correct locations and at the correct times, according to the table below.
3. Put a reminder about these dates and times in your calendar as we do not send reminders and do not accept drop bags except at these times below.

Table indicates only the aid stations where drop bags will be taken.

Drop-Off Instructions
Day: Thursday of Race Week
Time: 100M drop off by 6:00 PM, Thursday. 100K and 60K by 5:30 p.m., Friday.
Location: Kendall Mountain Rec Area,

Drop-Bag Checklist:
Size limit
Your bag should not be much larger than 18 x 18 inches. Please keep it reasonable. Volunteers are hauling a couple hundred drop bags.

Clearly mark your bags
Please attach the following information to each bag. Use waterproof tape and/or marker so your information will not fall off your bag:
1. Name
2. Bib number
3. Aid Station location

Waterproof bags
Use a waterproof bag and marking system. We will do our best to keep your bags out of the weather, but we cannot guarantee they will not get wet.

Secure the contents of your bags
Make sure you use a bag where everything is tightly contained in your drop bag. We will not be responsible for items that have fallen out of your drop bag.

Special Note – Finish-line bag
Consider packing a change of warm, dry clothes. I have seen racers finish cold and wet. It is particularly important to have warm, dry clothes to change into if you are staying somewhere other than a close, local Silverton hotel. Be prepared and plan for the worst-case weather scenario.

Gear Checklist:
1. Headlamp
2. Extra socks/shoes. Hiking poles
3. Specific nutrition needs for aid stations and the finish line

Lost & Found … or Donated
1. Set a reminder for yourself and plan to pick up your drop bags at the Kendall Mountain Rec Area after your race. Keep in mind that some aid stations, such as Cascade and Bandora will not be able to return your drop bags until 9 or 10 a.m. on Sunday. Please plan to pick them up or have someone you know pick them up. Dropbags left behind will be given to Goodwill.

Silverton Ultra Dirty Qualification Requirements
The Silverton Ultra Dirty will test the strength, endurance, determination, and grit of even the most seasoned athletes. This course is 60% above 11,000 feet elevation, requiring your confidence navigating high altitude and remote mountain terrain for an extended time. Navigating high altitude includes weathering wind, rain, hail, sleet, lightning, and creek crossings in both day and night. Due to the remoteness and distance between aid stations, participation in this event will require you to be healthy, injury-free, and fit.

  • 100 Mile –
    • Complete a 50 mile or longer mountain trail race within two years of running this race. This requirement has been exteded to two years becuase of most races being canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19. You may complete your qualifier in the spring and early summer of 2022.

  • 100K –
    • Complete a 50K or longer mountain trail running race within two years of running this race. This requirement has been exteded to two years becuase of most races being canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19. You may complete your qualifier in the spring and early summer of 2022.

  • 100M, 100K, and 60K -
    • Acknowledge at registration that you are fully aware you are signing up for a remote and high altitude race (60% above 11,000 ft.) in the middle of monsoon season in the San Juan Mountains, where weather can be extreme. You also understand you will be a long way from roads or help on most parts of this course, and you will be hours from an aid station – for some racers, you will be more than 5 hours between aid stations. You are also aware this course crosses several creeks, including Mineral Creek, 20 plus feet wide with 2'-3' of running water with a rocky bottom. We will secure a climbing rope across this creek, but the possibility of falling remains. The Silverton Ultra Dirty is a fantastic race and a spectacular course. I want you to experience it, but you must be capable and confident in managing yourself in these challenging conditions. You also understand that if you drop out at an aid station and do not have your crew there to drive you out, you may need to stay at this aid station until the aid station crew pack up and return to Silverton.

Reporting your qualifying race –
  • 100M & 100K –
    • Complete the Google Form at the link below with your qualifying race details no later than June 1.
    Google Forms Qualifier Link

Trail Work – 8 Hours
We feel it is vital to commit time to help improve and sustain the trails we enjoy. All Silverton Ultra Dirty participants are REQUIRED to complete 8 hours of volunteer trail work. You may meet this requirement in your community or join Dirty 30 for our trail workdays. Check out our TRAIL WORK Page for details on our trail work days in Silverton and Golden Gate Canyon State Park, CO.

  • • Eight hours of volunteer trail work must be completed and reported by July 31.

  • • Obtain the name of the organization you did your volunteer trail work through, the location of the trail work, the crew leaders name and email address and complete the Volunteer Trail Work Google Form .

  • • Complete theVolunteer Trail Work Google Formby July 31st.

  • • You may make a $100 donation to the Colorado Trail Foundation instead of completing this requirement.

  • • Indicate you chose to make a donation on theVolunteer Trail Work Google Form and email a receipt to megan@dirty30.org.

We all look forward to a return to events, and hopefully, we will see improvements to our current situation by next summer and see you at Dirty 30 events again! To be on the safe side, we are putting the following safeguards in place now. These ensure we have in place what may still be necessary at the time or simply a layer of thoughtful, proactive care of our participants, spectators, and volunteers.

We look forward to better days and celebrating outside and on some of the best trails out there.

    Measures we will carry out as needed include but are not limited to, the following:
  • • Set up socially distanced packet-pick up, such as a drive-through or other system that keep people safe.
  • • Request more racers get dropped off at the start to limit the number of racers who need shuttling to the start.
  • • Limit the number of racers on each bus
  • • Organize limited-touch aid stations to supply what you need quickly and safely.
  • • Stagger the start, using waves of runners every 10 minutes, starting with the fastest runners first.
  • • Enforce a no-spectators rule, or spectators limited to your usual family/friend bubble (one or the other. Maybe no spectators except at the finish)
  • • Once you do finish, you and any family members move on to pick up your box lunch and then your vehicles.

After a year of navigating this pandemic, participating in races, and volunteering at a race that went off successfully, I am confident that we can put on safe, fun races.

While you are training, we will hold our usual “Happy Hour” events as online virtual events until we can hold live events again. We have a fun schedule starting with David and Megan Roche, and hopefully followed by Courtney Dauwalter, and Maggie Gutterl. We are also planning on hosting the Dirty 30 “Sistah’s Extravaganza” in March or April.

Thanks to all of our incredible sponsors