Ultra Training

Ultra Training

Our plan for your success

Get ready to smile your way through these races. At the Dirty 30 we have the goal of a 100% finish rate. That’s because I want you to love trail running and be good at it! It is very important to us that everyone who takes on the challenge of these tough races gets to experience the feeling of a finish. The Dirty 30 and Silverton Ultra Dirty finish lines are special places, and we await your arrival with big hugs and welcoming cheers. We celebrate you because we know you worked so hard to get here.

Here’s how we help you do it

Below are the resources we have put in place for you—from our Training Plan to Happy Hour Events and Course Preview Runs. Plus, check out the great training advice from our partners.

5-Month Static Training Program

Congratulations on your decision to take on the Dirty 30 and the Ultra Dirty. We want you to enjoy your journey to and throughout these races. World-class runner and coach David Roche created this training plan to keep you on track, motivated, and pushing your body to improve your fitness level without going out too hard or too fast, resulting in overuse injuries. With 50% new ultra runners at the Dirty 30, I believe this is one way to help you get to the start line healthy and the finish line smiling. Remember, this is only a guideline. If you need to substitute some runs for others, add in a rest day, or do something different altogether, it’s your call. Listen to your body and know that not any one day can make or break your training. This journey is about consistency. Understand there will be good and bad days. It won’t always be fun, but the journey will be worth it. Be sure to join our Dirty 30 Running Facebook group so you can connect with other Dirty 30’ers.
This training program begins on January 1. We will email it out to each entrant on December 21. If you register after December 21, we will email it to you after you register.
If you are looking for a more detailed plan, one more specific to your situation and needs, or wanting to have one tailored for the 100K or 100M, consider hiring David or Megan Roche or another ultra running coach. My experience with hiring a good ultra running coach is well worth the investment.

4-Month Strength and Conditioning Program

Trail and ultra-running place high demands on your body. We want to do everything we can to help you prepare for this super challenging race and most importantly, avoid injuries. We have teamed up with top strength and conditioning coach, Jess Elliott of TAG Performance to create a strength training program specifically for Dirty 30'ers. This training program focuses on the essentials. It is intended to complement your running and get you to the finish line feeling stronger and more balanced than ever before. This 16-week program features a 2-day/week, total body training split, and it requires minimal equipment. Each 4-week block of training consists of three loading weeks followed by a fourth deload week. It is designed to be performed anywhere and adjusted based on your needs, training preferences, equipment, and schedule.
This training program begins on February 1. We will email it out to each entrant at the end of January. If you register after this date, we will email it to you after you register.

Your success is our business!

I have also set the goal of a 100% finish rate. There is nothing sweeter than crossing the finish line of a hard ultra marathon. I want to make sure you achieve your goal of completing these beautiful, life-changing races and do it well. Your accomplishment is everything. The Dirty 30 Happy-Hour events, Group Runs, Training Program, and Course-Preview runs give you the tools and connections you need to be successful. We are all in this together, and we’ve got you covered!

Tools for your Success
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